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About me

I am a paper collage artist and a gardener - my hands are in paint/paper and soil, hence 'Garden Cuttings' was born. I can lose myself for a whole day painting and cutting paper - it is a very happy place for me. I do the same in the garden!

My journey into the world of plants and gardens has influenced the current direction of my art. I am a trained florist, have studied horticulture, and grow cut flowers, fruit and vegetables in my garden. I believe that everything from single blooms to full-blown flower meadows can be artworks in their own right; and I am endlessly fascinated by the depth of colour, shape and texture that nature reveals.

I work in an environmentally responsible way and this is at the forefront of decision-making when I'm researching and sourcing new products.

With each piece I hope to pass on a little bit of magic from my garden.

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