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My process

I get my inspiration from my own garden primarily, but also from other gardens or nurseries I visit.

Every piece starts as a drawing, I work from real life when I can or I consult books and photographs.


I make various sketches and I am curious about the shapes, texture and pattern found in gardens.

202106101005441000 (1).jpg
202106101347241001 (1)_edited.jpg

I then make my raw materials, reams of hand-painted paper on a mix of weights. Some are plain, others I add texture or pattern to. I can spend a whole day creating these sheets. I love this process. Then I build the collage, cutting and layering paper until I am happy with the colours and the composition. I use scissors and an artist’s scalpel to cut out the shapes.  


I sell some of my original artworks and I also  produce fine art quality Giclee prints. I also produce a small collection of cards and gifts.

work in progress.jpg
Untitled design (1).jpg
IMG_20231208_143720974 (1).jpg
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